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  • Plugins

    Themes are my favorite type of plugins, Moodle themes are very powerful and can make your site look and behave the way you need it to.

    Of course there are many other types of plugins for Moodle, there is a large list of plugins available on the Moodle plugin database. Whenever I build a plugin for a specific project I try to keep in mind some of it's features might be useful for the entire Moodle community. That's why I share my plugins on this Moodle database whenever I can.

  • Moodle Plugins

    The Moodle plugin system allows you to add nearly any kind of functionality to Moodle. You might want to connect Moodle to your remote user database, create a custom user portfolio tool, or get tailor made reports that present the Moodle data relevant to you.

    I can build any type of Moodle plugin and follow the Moodle guidelines. All you need to do is send me a plugin request and I can provide you with a quote.
    • My Top 10 Plugins

      The plugin database contains many plugins and some of them are simply great.

      Here's a list of my favorite plugins

    • Moodle Welcome

      If your Moodle instance is a site where users can self-register you might be interested in knowing who registers and send them a nice welcome messages and a notification to you (the admin) so you know you have a new users.

      This local_welcome plugin takes care of this and allows you to customize the messages and notifications being send.

      Download from

      • Moodle Analytics

        Moodle analytics is a plugin that feeds human readable URL's to either Google analytics or Piwik. It simply transforms complex looking url's like.

        to something like

        These human readable URL's are then send to Google Analytics or Piwik for further processing.

        Download from