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    The Moodle Bootstrap theme you get with each Moodle installation was started by me and David Scotson , it was incorporated into core Moodle thanks to the power of the Moodle community.  Using Bootstrap you allow your learners to learn any place, any time on any device.

    • What is Bootstrap?

      Bootstrap is a front-end framework from Twitter designed to kickstart the front-end development of webapps and sites. Most importantly Bootstrap is a Developers tool, not a Designers tool.

      Using a bootstrap theme allows Designers to use the power of bootstrap and combine it with their own unique Design. The Bootstrap markup allows developers to write code without worrying about styling.
      Leaving you as a Moodle user with a clean, fast and beautiful Learning Environment.

      • Why use a Bootstrap based theme for Moodle?

        The Moodle Bootstrap theme consists of CSS, Layouts with PHP, postprocessors, JavaScript, Configuration and settings, and renderers changing core HTML.

        Moodle is not a simple tool, and Moodle themes have to help provide a better user experience. The image above shows some of the complex processes Moodle uses to bring it all together and serve it as the user interface your are looking at right now!

        Using a framework like Bootstrap allows web-applications to re-used bits and pieces over and over again providing consistent styling and a library of user interface elements.

      • Who should use Bootstrap

        Bootstrap can be used for any Moodle site, in fact new Moodle installations come with a Bootstrap based theme as the default.

        It's most important features are:

        • Support for multiple devices
        • Provides better accessibility
        • Allows for cross platform styling