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Course Image Responsive Modern Moodle Themes

Modern E-learning platforms like Moodle can be styled and customized based on your requirements and needs.  This page shows some example themes based on the Bootstrap framework.

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

Moodle is a free, open-source PHP web application for producing modular internet-based courses that support a modern social constructionist pedagogy.

Some reasons to have your own unique Moodle theme are

Show your unique identitiy
Provide a better user experience (UX)
Build trust showing a beautiful design


Course Image Free Themes

Bootstrap Moodle themes are highly customizable and there are already lots of themes created based on the bootstrap core themes.

Moodle.org has an excellent plugin database that contains theme that are build on both the Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3 framework.

The main difference between these versions is the improved device support in Bootstrap 3. However, Bootstrap 2 is still a good choice and supports older browsers.

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Course Image My Plugins

I am a recognized Moodle developer and have been creating Moodle add-ons and themes for businesses and universities since 2009. I am an active member of the Moodle online community and have contributed code that has been accepted into the Moodle core. I focus on usability and clean and proper coding.

I host all of my plugins on Github and shared some of them on the Moodle plugin database.


Course Image Why choose a Bootstrap Theme ?

Moodle has evolved over the years to be a learning platform that focuses on Social learning. In the last few years Moodle apps have been developed along with Moodle themes that allow Mobile / Tablet users to have a better User experience.

Bootstrap themes are of high quality because of the framework greated by the front end developers @mdo and @fat. Learn more about Moodle and Bootstrap in this course

Course Image Scope your Moodle theme

Before you create an actual Moodle theme there's a few things you need to work on. Do you know what's important for your Moodle site? Learn to create useful Moodle Mockups before you start doing real development.

This is a developer course which requires you to sign up for this site.

Course Image Theme Design Considerations

Having a great theme for your learning environment can be an important aspect to it's success. A good theme will provide access to users using many types of devices, phones, tablets desktops and maybe in future Google glass or a retina implant.

And of course your theme should reflect your company identity and provide a pleasant learning experience. In Moodle quality content is key, and with a nice theme your content could look great.

This course provides questionnaires and information to help you get inspired when searching for a new design or help understand how a Moodle theme could fit in to your corporate / university style guides